28th October 2024

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What is Sokol Run of the Republic

We are an annual celebration of the founding of Czechoslovakia and we celebrate on the 28th of October by movement! The first edition of the new tradition was held in 2019 and was an instant success. Today, we've had 5 years of celebrating the Republic and we continue to grow, with nearly 8,000 of us in 78 communities including 12 abroad. Join us and celebrate the foundation of the Republic, cheers to you on the 28th of October!

How can I join

Everybody can join. You just have to register on, fill in necessary information, choose where you want to race and pay registration fee. You can find race rules here.

History inspires us

In autumn of 1919, on the occasion of the first anniversary of Czechoslovakia, Sokol prepared an unprecedented sporting event, which allowed the participation of the largest number of Sokol members, the so-called rozestavný běh on 28th of October. One hundred years later a new project called Sokol Run of the Republic inspired by the previous tradition was founded and with it the celebration of 28 October 1918 in the form of a series of runs organized throughout the country.

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