28th October 2024

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In the 2023 season, the races listed in the “Races” section of this website are part of the Sokol Run of the Republic series of running races (hereinafter referred to as the Series).



The organizer of the Sokol Run of the Republic races is T.J. Sokol Čertovka., Újezd ​​450/40, Malá Strana, 118 00 Prague, entered in the Commercial Registry at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section L 72923, Company Identification Number: 08802106.



The exclusive marketing partner of the Sokol Run of the Republic is Raul, s.r.o., Elišky Krásnohorské 12/5, Prague 1, 110 00, entered in the Commercial Registry at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, 54464, Company ID number: 25608673, Tax Identification Number: CZ25608673.



- Registration is possible only through the online registration form on the Organizer’s website and/or at the place specified by the Organizer.

- Children aged between 15 and 18 years old (year of birth 2005-2008) can only register for the adult race and therefore pay the adult fee.

- Only children under the age of 15 can register for children’s courses (year 2009 inclusive).

- Registration is valid only after paying the race fee. Payment means crediting the race fee to the Organizer’s account in full, either in cash or by bank transfer.

- Without the race fee having been paid, the application is invalid. The race fee must be paid on the day of registration. If the organizer does not receive the race fee within five working days of registration, the application will be cancelled. By 25th October at the latest however, the race fee must be credited in full to the organizer’s account.

- Until Monday 24th October 2023 it is possible to pay the race fee by bank transfer.

- As part of the online registration, you can buy a racing t-shirt (for adults and children) at the price stated during registration. Racing T-shirts are included free of charge with the race fee for competitors in the adult (main) race in Prague. The racing t-shirt must be selected when registering for the race online. The size of the T-shirt ordered during online registration cannot be changed.

- The race fee is non-refundable.

- If the race could not take place due to force majeure or a reason that was not caused by the organizer (e.g. natural disaster, epidemic), the race fee will not be refunded.



- Participants under the age of 16 may ONLY participate in the main event with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

- By submitting the online form, each participant declares that they have read the propositions and rules of this race, agree with them and will obey them; that they take part the race at his own risk, that they are healthy and fit to take part in the race and that they are sufficiently insured, and that they will follow the organizer’s instructions and organizing services.

- Each participant of the race is obliged to follow the route of the race, to have the race number attached in the prescribed manner (i.e. on the chest, properly and visibly) and if using the chip for time measurement to have the electronic chip properly attached.

- The organizer is not responsible and does not reimburse any damage (especially damage to health and property) incurred by participants in connection with the race.

- The race organizer does not accept any responsibility for belongings left unattended.

- At the Prague race, the race organizer provides a storage room and a cloakroom.

- The organizer of the race hereby asks all participants to save the environment as much as possible, to dispose of garbage in the bins and to move only in pre-defined areas.

- The organizer of the Sokol Run of the Republic series reserves the right to disqualify from the race any competitor who demonstrably violates the rules defined by the Code of Ethics of the WWTP (here: (hereinafter as the Code). This does not release the disqualified competitor from personal liability for damages against injured parties as a result of their violation of the Code.

- The race package can be picked up only at a place and time specified by the organizer.

- Uncollected packages cannot be picked up later or claimed in any other way.

- The race participant must identify themselves by showing the email with the assigned race number.

- The race number and chip are not transferable to another person. Violation of this rule leads to the competitor being disqualified.

- Only duly registered competitors can take part in the races.

- Competitors can participate in the race only in their age category (according to the year of birth).

- It is forbidden to shorten the race track in any way.

- It is strictly forbidden to use roller skates, trekking poles, bicycles or other means of transport and to run with a dog and pram along the length of the main race track in individual cities.

- If parents physically help their children to complete the race (holding hands, pulling the child to the finish line, etc.), the competitor will be penalized 20 seconds and may risk of exclusion from the results list.

- Refreshments for competitors will be served at the finish and in the facility area.

- Time is measured for everyone from the starting gun. This time determines the ranking. The results also include the net time from the moment of running through the starting line.

- Prizes for winners are not legally enforceable.

- Each participant is obliged to read and respect the propositions and rules that the organizer will publish before the race on its website The participant confirms that they will follow the rules of the race. If they violate these rules in any way, it may result in their disqualification or their subsequent exclusion from future events of this race.

- The organizer reserves the right to change the program, propositions, these rules and conditions without prior notice.

- In case of any ambiguity regarding the interpretation of these rules, it is the organizer who is to decide. None of the organizer’s decisions are subject to legal or other reviewing.

- At the main race in Prague, the absolute winners are announced by gender (1st-3rd place), winners of age categories up to 40, 50, 60, and over 60 years of age (1st place).

- In the regions, categories are announced according to the information provided in the propositions for the particular race.

- In children’s races, the absolute winners are announced according to gender (1st-3rd place) for the younger age category, i.e. 2013 and younger, and for the older age category 2009 - 2012.



Children’s categories

According to each race.



By participating in the race, you grant Raul s.r.o permission to take photos and make audio / video recordings of you and to publish them in the usual ways in the sense of Art. 84 et seq. of the Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended) for the purpose of promoting the Sokol Run of the Republic project as a whole (Presentations on the Internet, on social networks and in other information programmes) and related processing of personal data (portrait, audio / video recording). Disagreement with such acquisition of a portrait or audio / video recording or their dissemination or processing can be expressed at any time by sending an email to

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