28th October 2022

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Member of the Sokol Organisation from the Děčín District suffers from cerebral palsy. Support Valinka’s treatment by registering for one of this year’s runs


Valinka is a young girl who loves taking part in sport events with her family and she is popular everywhere thanks to her cheerful nature. Despite her health problems she makes everyone around her happy and her mum Simona would like to take her for a rehab stay in a spa and get some medical supplies which are necessary for an easier and more comfortable life. Valinka loves to spend her time with horses and she likes to listen to the music of Czech band Kryštof.


The 11-year-old girl who was born premature at 32 weeks weighing just 1400 grams hasn’t had an easy life. Soon after her birth her parents were told that she had had brain haemorrhage and that she will most likely have to live with a disability. When Valinka was one year old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and medium intellectual disability.

At that moment her and her family’s life completely changed. The most important for the family was to come to terms with the situation and find the strength to fight. Valinka started to go for spa stays, attend rehabilitation sessions and she was given medical support. All of these things are necessary for her and enable her to live a happier and fuller life.

When she started attending a special school in Ústí nad Labem, where she travels by a school bus, her school mates and teachers took to her immediately thanks to her cheerful nature. In spite of all the effort, studying is not easy. Working with the teacher, her parents try to help her achieve the best possible results and concentrate on the positives even when Valinka is not making massive progress.

The 11-year-old fighter uses a wheelchair, at home she moves on all fours and on a good day she can manage a few steps with a walking frame. As she grows, Valinka’s treatment and everyday life become more complicated and more expensive for the family. “She loves horse riding, she goes for hippotherapy twice a week, we go to special races for the handicapped and we love the Sokol Run of the Republic. We run with a special chair and we enjoy everything as much as possible. We are happy that our fantastic daughter is full of life,” says her mother Simona. Last year, the smiling and joyful girl brought her positive energy to the run in Děčín and she plans on going again this year. Let’s support her in this and also contribute for the expensive rehabilitation thanks to which she makes progress.

All you need to do is to contribute a sum of your choice during the registration for your chosen run and all of this money will go towards this young brave girl’s treatment.


Sokol Run of the Republic 2021 supported brother Adam

In 2021 we supported brother Adam who suffers from cerebral palsy. His family would like him to go on a rehab stay with some beneficial medical treatments. It costs dozens of thousands of Czech crowns each year, which the family does not have. The runners have collected fantastic 74,050 CZK. The Czech Sokol Organisation added 10,000 CZK and Raul, the marketing partner of the Sokol Run of the Republic, rounded the sum by adding 15,950 CZK. In the end we managed to collect 100,000 CZK.

Sokol Run of the Republic 2020 supported brother Jaroslav

The Sokol Run of the Republic is not just about running and celebrating the foundation of the republic, but also about helping others. In 2020 we supported brother Jaroslav Šenk who lost his house in the Olomouc region to a natural disaster. Participants contributed 22,800 CZK on top of the race fee and the organisers of the Sokol Run of the Republic rounded the sum to 30,000 CZK.


Thanks everyone who joins the collection!


Currently (20th of July 2022) we managed to collect this year:

2 900 CZK

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